Before I saw Kate Willesee I was constantly bloated and I tried all traditional methods with no help. After only a few treatments I have never felt better. My acid reflux, gas and bloating are gone. I'm also less hungry and feel as though I'm getting more out of the food I'm eating.
- Andrea, Financial Consultant

Migraine Headaches, Hay Fever
I came to see Kate Willesee for my hay fever. After just a few treatments, my hay fever was completely gone. I also have a history of migraine headaches, about 7-10 per year. Since my first treatment, over 10 months ago, I have not had any migraines at all.
- James, Financial worker

Chronic Fatigue
I had chronic Fatigue when I first went for NAET treatment, no Doctor had given me any drugs to help it, they could only identify a few food intolerances. That avoiding had not help stop the increasing fatigue. It was leaving me weaker and weaker, more prone to illness, weaker in the immune system. The NAET treatment let me feel my energy growing and improving as my allergies were taken away, Thank you so much for giving my strength back!
- Jordan, University Student

Crohn's Disease (a severe and painful inflammation of the intestines)
When I first came to see Kate, I was having a flare up of my Crohn's. I had severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss. I was taking high doses of a drug with serious side effects, which I wasn't happy about.. After two months of treatments I have no abdominal pain or diarrhea. I have also gained six kilos in two months, although my medical doctor said I probably couldn't. The treatments got me out of the pain I was in.
- Marilyn, Nurse Practitioner

Severe Heartburn
For about six months, I was awakened almost nightly by severe heartburn. In fact, sometimes it was so bad I would have to vomit. After two months of treatment I have had only two to three mild cases of heartburn. Now when I eat something that would have triggered the heartburn before, the discomfort is much milder or completely gone. I am now confident I won't be woken in pain.
- Tony, Radio Production

Sneezing and Coughs
My whole life I have had so many allergies. I wasn't able to eat chocolate or bread. I would have sneezing attacks and get all stuffed up. I would always wake up in the morning stuffy and have to use so much tissue every day. Also, when we went camping, I would cough most of the night. After my treatments I can eat chocolate and bread and don't need kleenex all day anymore. Also, we went camping and I didn't cough at all. This stuff really works.
- Taylor, Student

Chronic Asthma
I have had severe asthma for 20 years. I've been on the drug prednisone for most of that time and have high blood pressure and diabetes as a result. Since I started my NAET treatments only 3 months ago, I am now off my prednisone, my lungs are clearer and I feel great.
- Jackie, Day Care Owner

When I came to see Kate my primary complaint was hives or skin rash. I also had emotional stress and allergies. I had tried medication, allergy free foods, and many other doctors without much success. After three months of treatment my hives had disappeared. After my skin is not as dry, no itchiness.
- Sarah, Personal Assistant